Hey, we’re Justin + Ada.

We fell in love while living from a backpack and traveling the world together. It started as a friendship (as things often do), but quickly evolved into something else entirely. We never expected to fall in love… yet a year and a half later we spoke forever in front of family, friends, lattes, bubbles, a VW bus, and a baby kangaroo. Now we’re living in a storybook A-frame in the woods of North Georgia, living life full up, to the brim.

We love every ounce of our marriage. The wild adventures, quiet silence, and everything in-between. The way you can tell what each other is thinking without saying a word. The messy arguments and words best left unsaid. The redeeming love and holy moments of quiet reverence. Everything, all of it, growing our roots deep and strong, gaining the silent strength of an old oak tree. Ready to take on the world. Together.

Life with your favorite person doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

Ada is one of the best cooks you’ll ever meet. Her kitchen is a collective cacophony of clinks, clanks, and sweet smells. She’s one part dreamer, one part planner. And a little bit of whimsy. She likes wearing all of Justin’s clothes even if they hang a bit big. She carries her camera with an explorer’s eye and a whimsical heart.

Justin is endlessly creative, always seeing the world in shades of color and light. There’s a myth that he came out of the womb carrying a camera (not true). Justin loves sharing meals with the homeless and values the goodness of a kind word and warm smile. He laughs at awkward humor, adores his dog, and drinks espresso black.

We value authentic images. We’ll photograph your wedding in a style that’s pure, honest, and true-to-you. We love candid photos and unexpected moments, but we’re also game for some posed shots too. Just no stiff, dull looking photos of you looking like a robot. We’ll make you “un-awkward,” relaxed, at your best. When you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself, beautiful moments just happen.

We love capturing real, raw emotion. We want to tell the whole story. Tears, laughter, beautiful surprises, and that moment when your uncle busts out with some embarrassing dance moves. We’ll capture it all.

We believe in making a real connection. We believe that the best images come from a place of heartfelt connection and collaboration. We want to share coffee, a laugh, and really connect with your story. Meaningful, honest images are cultivated through relationship.

Think this sounds like what you want? Find out if we’re available for your wedding.

Photos Courtesy of Someplace Wild